May 2020 Winner – Jimmy’s Adventure

It was another great month of entries for the May Challenge. The 3 nouns were : Tribe, Spectrum and Tool.

Our favourite entry was from Lucy Finnegan (11), who nominated Halfway up the Stairs in Greystones, Co. Wicklow.

A reallyfun story about something close to the heart of at least one of the Noun Stories household, who doesn’t believe a dinner is a dinner without potato.

Well done, Lucy! A €20 voucher to spend in the shop will be winging its way to you shortly.

Jimmy’s adventure.

Once there was a potato named Jimmy.

He lived in a dark, damp place, and was kind of bored. Suddenly, he was lifted out of the moist soil by a tool called a spade. When he came out into the bright sunshine, he thought, “It’s roasting!” (Haha). Jimmy tried to scream, “PUT ME DOWN!!!”, but he didn’t have a mouth.

Jimmy was taken to the kitchen, where he met other fruit and vegetables. They were all the colours of the spectrum. He, on the other hand, was just a dull root vegetable. Boring, plain and brown. He considered the veggies to be a different tribe to the fruits. Indeed, they were in separate bowls. He was confused because he saw a tomato in with the fruit, but then he learned that ‘Tommy’ was in fact a fruit, because he had pips.

He also met other potatoes called, Spuddy, Peeler and FrenchMcFries. They were not very nice potato personalities, and very unfriendly, but looked like butter wouldn’t melt. (Haha).

He made friends with Tommy. Tommy told him all about the masher of doom, and how all the previous potatoes had perished. Jimmy knew he had to escape. He also had to escape from the bully potatoes, as they had threatened to turn him into a hash brown. Got to get away… Luckily the housewife had a clumsy nature, and managed to knock Jimmy off the counter. Then the son kicked him into the garden, and he was safe again. In the cool of the soil he thought “I’m quite happy to be brown and boring”.

He lived happily ever after.


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